Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Email Scream-mail

It's official - I should be banned from using email. Or at the very least give every email I compose a quadruple check before hitting that benign yet evil 'send' button.

I used to laugh at the PC platform and its "Are you sure you want to--?" alert messages. Not anymore. If it's going to stop me from sending personal emails meant for my sister to other people (ie. an agent I once queried), then maybe I should have some kind of warning installed on Yahoo mail. Like, "Are you sure you want to send that snarky email?" or "You know, you come across like a real loser in that message. Are you sure you want to send it?"

Please humor me and tell me I'm not the only one who stuffs up royally in cyberspace.


Tracey said...

Hey Vanessa - found you from you fabo web site :o)

You are definately no the only one. It doesn't help when mail programs seem to auto fill in the person it thinks you want to send it to - I think sometimes this program is designed to deliberately embarrass you. I send email all the time to other people - only to realise I sent it to myself, of my mother.

Luckily I haven't sent off to an agent I had one queried yet - but give me time. :o)

Authorness said...

Hi, Tracey!

Yes, I fell prey to the auto fill thing. I must find a way to switch that off.

:) V

Tracey said...

D'oh - just did it on the eloop. ::slaps oneself upside the head::

Sara Hantz said...

I have done some awful things on email - like managing to attach a job application for a job with another company to an email sent to my boss!! And there haave been others....

Love the blog I'll link you to mine.

Authorness said...

Oh, noooooooo, Sara! You have to tell me what happened next!

Thanks for linking me!

Sara Hantz said...

It was an email that I sent to a number of colleagues as well (who were friends). So, I sent an email to them all saying to ignore the attachment I sent because it wasn't meant to go with the email. Knowing my boss, I think he would have. The others... well let's just say it caused much amusement.