Sunday, December 7, 2008

More Mail Mayhem

The postal crisis involving my Golden Heart contest entries (see previous post below) has passed. The copies FedExed by Papa Authorness arrived in Texas with more than 24 hours to spare before the deadline. Phew!

It seems I'm not alone when it comes to mail disasters. The publisher of lad mag Ralph last week lost a shipment of 130,000 inflatable breasts valued at A$200K. It's believed the boobs are adrift somewhere between Beijing and Sydney. The magazine had planned to give them away with the January '09 edition, but I guess their readers will have to make do with the articles. Read the full story here.

The postal system works in mysterious ways. I'm sure the fake boobs will get to their intended destination; so will my original Golden Heart entries. But they may take 112 years to get there, just like this postcard.

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