Sunday, March 8, 2009

Renovate or Detonate

Mr Authorness and I currently renovating our lovely 19th-century terrace house. Like many houses of this vintage, the ground level has a lean-to addition, built generations ago to accommodate a large family. We're systematically ripping this eyesore down. I can't wait to attack the old bathroom with a sledgehammer. It's tiled in five shades of brown, and we suspect the caramel-coloured bathtub was installed directly over a dirt floor back in the '70s. To me, it's the worst bathroom in the developed world. But I shouldn't complain, because the cliche really is true--there's always someone worse off than you:


Natalie Hatch said...

Three toilets in one room? Surely you're not going to sit down on the throne while someone else is? LOL
Yeah chocolate brown - well at least it'd hide the skid marks.

Authorness said...

It's beyond gross. What on earth is going on in that household?