Sunday, April 12, 2009

Retail Therapy

In case you haven't heard me moaning on Facebook and Twitter, I am sick with an annoying cold. I've spent the last couple of days seeking treatment at UK-based online bookseller The Book Depository. They may not yet have the range my other haunt has, but they do offer FREE DELIVERY anywhere in the world and I'm told their service is quick.

So I added inches to my YA TBR pile with HEARTBREAK RIVER by Tricia Mills, INVISIBLE TOUCH by Kelly Parra (who recently signed a film option for her first book, GRAFFITI GIRL), WHAT WOULD EMMA DO? by Eileen Cook and MISS MATCH by Wendy Toliver.

This is in addition to the books I bought at bricks'n'mortar stores during the contagious phase of my cold - TANTALIZE by Cynthia Leitch Smith and POLAR BOY by Sandy Fussell.

I really have to hold back now, 'cause the commenters over at the We Love YA blog gave me a ton of recommendations and I want to read them all.

Which books have you bought lately? Are you actively buying books to keep the sellers and authors in business?


Eleni Konstantine said...

Hope you get over your cold soon - but retail therapy has to have helped somewhat. :))

I'm still buying something each month, just like always, and then I also get books that may be on sale or books have been waiting for. Next buy will be Keri Arthur's latest.

And yes I have a list of recommended books - that's why my TBR is in such dire straights!

Authorness said...

I'm starting to feel better - I don't have buyer's remorse yet and I've eaten loads of chicken soup.

I like the reward system you mentioned on your blog!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Do not let buyer's remorse in!!! Run!!! And chicken soup when you are not feeling well hits the spot.
And thanks about the reward system. I find it good incentive. :)

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Ugh, I hate colds. I've had two sinus infections so far this year, so I know what a wonder it is to breathe easily. Hope you feel better soon. And I hope you like Heartbreak River. :)

Have you bought your GH dress yet?

Authorness said...

Eleni, I coughed up half a lung last night and didn't sleep--perhaps I haven't hit the right retail dosage yet.

Trish, I'm sorry to hear about the sinus infections. They can be so painful! I *know* I'll love your book. My GH dress--eeek! I'd better start looking. I thought about making something from a vintage couture pattern but I'm just not that good at sewing. More retail therapy for me, then!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Eeek! Well let's hope tonight is a better one for you. So buy, buy, buy!! ;) Seriously, plenty of fluids and rest. And when you feel better, you can go GH dress shopping!!!

Kiki said...

Bah, colds are evil!
Then again, the only thing you can do is stay somewhere comfy and warm and read... So could be worse.

I'm finally wrestling my TBR shelf under control (mainly by buying more audiobooks and ebooks, but hey).
I love Book Depository. they lost one of my books in the mail and BD were excellent about sending me a replacement.
You can tell how good a shop is by how they deal with problems...

Authorness said...

This cold is certainly evil, Kiki. I'm still being plagued by a form of it now.

Glad to hear you're winning the battle against the TBR shelf!