Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Home Is Where the Arrrgghh Is

Forgive me being a sporadic blogger of late. We're in the middle of renovating our lovely old terrace house and the place is a shambles. To wit...

This is what our kitchen looked like about about a week ago. Sure, it wasn't great to start with. We'd bought the place half-renovated.

But if you thought that was bad, take a look at it now. Here's what it looked like on the weekend. We built a new roof over the old one and now we're in the process of demolition:

And some day, we hope we'll end up with this when renovations are complete:

 So what's keeping you busy at the moment?



Eleni Konstantine said...

Hi Vanessa, we too have been doing renovations - walk in pantry in the kitchen an a storage room. I didn't take before, during or after shots. Should have. But there's dust everywhere. I've been slowly clean up. You know the huge spring clean from top to bottom.

I love the Chateau picture - could you imagine if you had to clean that place? Then again, if you could afford a home that looked like that, you would have others doing the cleaning I bet! :))

Hope you keep sane during the renos.

Authorness said...

Hi, Eleni! I hear you on the dust. I've never vacuumed so much in my life.

Enjoy your new pantry! You can never have too much storage.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Totally agree on the storage!!

And don't you hate it that you vacuum and you still find dust - arrghhhh indeed.