Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh, de toilette!

Take a close look at this wedding dress.

It's made not from silk organza or antique French lace. Non, metres and metres of crisp ivory...toilet paper make up this design. Yep, why spend $6,000 on a dress you'll wear once when you can whip up a disposable gown with a $4.99 jumbo pack of Sorbent? All that's missing is a bouquet of cardboard toilet roll cores. I wonder if she's using one of those fragrance blocks as her "something blue." I think it's an amazing dress but I'm just not sold on the fabric.

One thing I am completely head over heels for is a magical new chocolate cafe called San Churro. Today I had the dainty churros with a milk chocolate dipping sauce. Next time, I'm going for the chocolate tapas plate. The cafe is roughly equal distance between my home and office, so I will be haunting it often. My workmates and I have decided we must do a comparative study on Sydney's chocolaterias. Which cafe franchise is best - Lindt, Max Brenner or newcomer San Churro?

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